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Attention Artists!

Interested in Entering Our Upcoming Shows?

2014 Artists who Teach

Coming in October. This will be a special show of artworks made by artists who teach art in our area schools. More info and your contact points are listed in this prospectus.


64nd Annual Art in the Park Show - July 2014
Annual Art in the Park (formerly Sidewalk Show) artists information page.


Interested in Becoming a Gallery Artist?

In addition to the Featured Show in the main gallery room, works from a wide assortment of gallery artists fills a second room. These works are sold on consignment and are rotated in/out on a space-available basis as new works are brought in and pieces are purchased by customers.

If you are interested in having your artwork displayed in the gallery, please download, complete, and submit this Screening Form along with samples of your work (as detailed on the form).

Screening Form