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Children's Workshops 2015

Kids Classes at the Gallery

Note: for all online registrations, please include an emergency contact name and phone number in the PayPal comment field

Summer Children's Workshops

All workshops are $60 for 5 two-hour sessions.

Information: Gail Roadhouse Workshop Chair,
967-6696 or

Register your child online using your credit card or PayPal account. Registrations may also be made in person at the Gallery.

June 15 –June 19  Instructor: Michael Gorman

Design, carving, and sanding, this sculpture class features "foam."   First we'll create a fish sculpture.  Students will learn techniques they can use on other projects.  Students will finish their fish sculpture with papier-mâché, acrylic paint and decorative details. 

Session A1: 10 – noon for Ages 7 – 10 FULL
Session A2: 1 – 3 pm for Ages 7 – 15 (now all ages)

ROBOT SCULPTURES: From Found Objects  
June 22 – June 26  Instructor: Michael Boynton

In this wonderful class students will create found object robot sculptures.  They will also learn about the history of robotics and the impact of robots on our culture.  The robots will not move, but will look like real metal made out of everyday found items.

Session B3: 10 – noon for Ages 7 – 10 FULL
Session B4: 1– 3 pm for Ages 7 – 15 (now all ages)

July 6 - July 10 Instructor: Gail Roadhouse

This class was inspired by nature's artistic beauty in our insect world.  There will be a specific insect each day to paint and learn the scientific facts of the species.  Students will be developing skills for drawing and painting insects in acrylic.

Session C5: 10 – noon for Ages 7 – 10 FULL
Session C6: 1 – 3 pm for Ages 7 – 15 (now all ages)

July 13-17 Instructor: Felicia Follum
This class will explore five different cultures and their art forms.  Each class will spend time talking about the culture and why the art is important to the culture they are studying.  Various mediums will be used:  watercolor, print making and book art forms. 

Session D7: 10 – noon for Ages 7 – 10
Session D81–3 pm for Ages 7 – 15 (now all ages)Cancelled

July 27 – July 31  Instructor: Lisa Day

Papier-Mâché is a versatile sculptural material.  Students will be creating masks and three dimensional art work using balloons and card board.  They also will be making Indian masks from empty milk jugs. In addition, they will design and make Mardi Gras masks.
*Please bring plastic 1/2 gallon milk jug with handle to class.

Session E9: 10 – noon for Ages 7 – 10 FULL
Session E10:  1 – 3 pm for Ages 7 – 15 FULL

August 3-August 7
 Instructor: Suzette Gurtisen
Manga is Japanese Anime in book form.  Making Comics will teach the students about character types, setting, dialogue, and plot.  They will build their own story and turn it into their own comic.

Session F11: 10 – noon for Ages 7 – 10 FULL
Session F12:  1-3 pm for Ages 7 – 15 FULL

Cancellation & Refunds: You will receive confirmation of your children's class registration by postcard or email depending on registration at the gallery or online.  Refunds will be granted only if the session is cancelled or Allied Arts can fill your child's place.  A handling fee of $5.00 will be charged for all refunds.
Attendance & Participation: Class attendance and participation is limited only to those registered for the class.  Due to space and insurance limitations, presence by non-registrants will be handled on an exception basis, and must be pre-approved by the Children's Workshop Chair.
Please drop off your children no more than five minutes before class is scheduled to begin and pick up promptly after class.  This allows preparation time for the Instructor for the next class and ensures the safety of your children.
No Food Please.  Our classes are not set up to accommodate birthday parties.  We also have some children with severe allergies.

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