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Children's Workshops 2014

Kids Classes at the Gallery

Note: for all online registrations, please include an emergency contact name and phone n

Summer Children's Workshops

This summer Allied Arts Association is proud to offer seven weeks of engaging workshops to children ages 7 to 15. Each program runs one week, with three different sessions each day. Cost per week is $50.

Week 1: June 16 - 20
Sculpturing Fun : Pop Art Pastry with Michael Gorman
Lets get silly and make "pop art pastry sculptures" using styrene foam and paper mache. Students will make faux art cakes, bon'bon candy plates and sandwiches that can be displayed on walls.

Week 2: June 23 - 27
Line Up with Watercolor with Joyce Anderson
Line up with watercolors , sticks , saran wrap & salt - OH MY!  Lets make lots of textures using tools and w/c. We always finish each day with cartoon drawing.

Week 3: July 7 - 11
Craftapalooza / Paper Mache with Lisa Day
Students will learn how to mold sculptures & mardi gras masks out of paper mache. They will create colorful projects  with  paper and glue.  Then complete projects with paint and embellishments. *Please bring plastic 1/2 gallon milk jug with handle containers to class.

Week 4: July 14 - 18
BFF Watercolor/Book Friends Forever with Ginger Blodgett
Students will learn the basics of watercolor painting while painting book friends like-The Elephant Child, Hogwarts, and Olof.

Week 5: July 28 - August 1
Life Landscapes / Drawing & Painting with Mike Boynton
In this exciting class students will learn how to create beautiful landscapes and seascapes ranging from the American West to alien worlds in a variety of mediums. We will also learn how to draw people doing various activities. There will also be daily discussion and analysis of famous works of art.

Week 6: August 4 - 8
Making Manga / Comics with Suzette Gurtisen
Manga is Japanese Anime in book form.  This workshop will be focusing on how to tell a story visually.  Students will learn how to create short stories using dialog, paneling, and create unique characters using personality traits.  By the end of the class each student will have their own mini comic book!

Week 7: August 11 - 15
Digital Photography with Klarissa Boynton
Students will have an introduction to digital cameras and their controls. With daily field trips to nearby parks and the waterfront, students will create photos in three different categories: Realism, Emphasis and Expressionism. *Students must have their own digital camera with five mega pixels or more (Phone cameras are not acceptable).

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Cancellation & Refunds: You will receive confirmation of your children's class registration by postcard or email depending on registration -at gallery or online.  Refunds will be granted only if the session is cancelled of Allied Arts can fill your child's place.  A handling fee of $5.00 will be charged for all refunds.
Attendance & Participation: Class attendance and participation is limited only to those registered for the class.  Due to space and insurance limitations, presence by non-participants will he handled on an exception basis, and must be pre-approved by the Children's Workshop Chair.
Please drop off your children no more than five minutes before class is scheduled to begin and promptly after class.  This allows preparation time for the Instructor for the next class, and ensures the safety of your children.
No Food Please.  Our classes are not set up to accommodate birthday parties.  We also have some children with severe allergies.

Please contact Gail Roadhouse (workshop chair) 967-6696 or with any questions.