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Allied Arts Youth Outreach program receives 2014 Three Rivers Community Foundation Grant

For the 4th Year in a row, the Three Rivers Community Foundation is granting funding to Allied Arts Association for its Youth Outreach program, Beads Behind Bars/Art Connection.  Three Rivers Community Foundation’s financial support expresses their enthusiasm about what the program is able to bring to the youth in the classes.  They have caught our vision of using jewelry making as a means of artistic expression which allows the students to create wearable works of art.  As the youth see a visible sign of their worth and value take form in each piece of jewelry that they make, their sense of value increases and brings hope and pride in a job well done.   Thank you Three Rivers Community Foundation for joining us in our endeavor to bring art experiences to the at risk youth in our community!

Allied Arts has always purposed to make available art education opportunities in our community.  For five years we have sponsored an outreach program to at- risk youth in numerous settings in the Tri-Cities.

Since April of 2008, Lucy Dole has taken the Beads Behind Bars Program into the Benton Franklin Juvenile Detention Center each week to make jewelry classes available to eligible youth incarcerated in the facility.  We continue to see the amazing process of a youth’s creativity take form in the pieces of jewelry that emerge from the collection of beading supplies.  The Detention staff is very supportive of our efforts and is very positive about our impact on the youth who participate each week.

As the program grew past the walls of the Detention Center, the Art Connection Program was begun.  Through that program we have worked with youth at Rivers Edge and New Horizons alternative schools, the Center for Sharing, and with programs that work with at- risk youth such as Ignite Youth Mentoring, Powerzone, Teen Challenge, as well as the Chiawana Key Club, a Girl Scout troop earning a jewelry badge and a group of refugees in Kennewick.

Through these teen outreach programs Allied Arts is able to expose the youth in our community to an artistic process of drawing from their own inner abilities.  They are also given the chance to experience a greater sense of their own value and worth as they are able to see the end result of their good choices in designing their jewelry pieces.

Allied Arts’ Beads Behind Bars/Art Connection Receives Three Rivers Community Foundation Grant for third Year!!!

We thank and commend the Foundation for its support and investment in our efforts to reach out to the at risk youth in the the Juvenile Detention Center and other programs in the community that work with at risk youth.